Photo by Emily Kerr

Phong Tran is a Brooklyn-based composer, electronic musician, and visual artist. His works are heavily inspired by the sound of early synthesizers and the noises and grinds of experimental electronics. Much of his work is developed through late night wikipedia dives while obsessing over things like simulation theory, abstract story structure, Dungeons & Dragons, and vaporwave eccojams.

Phong actively performs in MEDIAQUEER, a synthesizer and violin duo formed in 2018 with Darian Thomas. His work has been released through people | places | records and through slashsound.

Phong holds a Master’s in Music Theory and Composition at New York University and Bachelor’s in Music Composition from the University of Georgia. Phong has previously studied with Michael Gordon, Natalie Williams, and Adrian Childs. Phong was also a 2017 New Amsterdam Composer Lab Fellow.